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Air quality in senior
living facilities

While it is important to combat all forms of pollution both indoors and outdoors, there are places where air quality is even more strategic than elsewhere. Those places where fragility and hygiene are central. This is the case for all medical environments, but also for the senior living facilities where our parents and grandparents live, who are more or less elderly and vulnerable. In these facilities, air purification can address many of the day-to-day issues for both residents and care providers.

Retirement homes: air polluted on all sides

Senior living facilities are unique and perhaps one of the most difficult types of places to manage because there are so many sources of pollution and because the issue is of the utmost importance. As this is a medical environment, strict hygiene is required, mainly through the use of many chemical cleaning products. The residents of these places are extremely fragile, often suffering from various illnesses. Under these conditions, many things can affect their health and well-being, air pollution being one of them.

Many visitors arrive each day, bringing with them a source of pollution in the form of added germs, viruses and allergens. For residents, care providers and visitors, managing odours is crucial to comfort and again, it is not always easy in these confined spaces. Everything occurs in the same place, creating a mixture of displeasing smells from things such as meals in the common room, incontinence and unpleasant smells linked to sick or dying residents.

In this context, even with highly effective ventilation, air pollution is rampant and the risk of localised cross-infections is high. Invisible and insidious, particulate matter has a short-term impact on all these vulnerable residents and a long-term impact on all the senior living facilities staff members.

Opening windows keeps the air circulating, but it can quickly bother residents and never really solves the problem of pollution and odours. If not treated immediately, they usually end up literally permeating the premises, affecting the well-being of residents and visitors.

The professional air purifier to rescue senior living facilities

As previously mentioned, senior living facilities are closed settings that are difficult to manage, given the permanent presence of frail, elderly people. However, installing professional air purifiers in resident rooms and communal areas can quickly and discreetly sanitise the environment without causing any nuisances.

The device absorbs the air, and with it the particulate matter (PM 2.5), allergens, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), gases, moulds, viruses, bacteria and odours it contains. Filter layers and specific air treatment technologies are able to remove 99.9% of these pollutants. A perfectly pure, clean and pleasant air is diffused from the purifier by gentle ventilation to the four corners of the room, even over larger surface areas.

purificateur d’air professionnel

This immediately improves the environment’s breathability and reduces all the risks and symptoms associated with pollutants. This preserves both the physical and moral health of residents, the latter being particularly important. Visitors enjoy coming, no longer weighed down by the suffocating sensation and unpleasant odours that used to hinder those moments with their loved ones.

The working environment is more comfortable for staff, and contamination is reduced and thus absenteeism. Continuous air treatment limits the spread of pathogens and decreases their deposit on surfaces. Under these conditions, facilities can use less sanitisers. These two aspects have a direct economic impact on how senior living facilities are managed.

In other words, investing in air purifiers today means substantial funds tomorrow for residents, instead of being swallowed up by pollution. In addition, air purification is becoming a health and environmental obligation, which has been gradually introduced by the National Environmental Health Action Plan (NEHAP), one of its many aims being to ensure a healthy environment during patient treatment.

Aware of all these factors and challenges, JVD works daily to provide real solutions for air purification. Our devices are brimming with technology, designed specifically to meet professional needs. They are able to purify the air quickly, according to the surface area, regardless of the constraints and the type of pollution.

What sense is there in combating pollution by manufacturing devices that pollute? This is why our professional air purifiers are all manufactured in an eco-friendly way. Finally, because we believe that aesthetics also plays a role in well-being, we went over the design of our devices with a fine-tooth comb to make sure their elegance discreetly fits into your daily lives.

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