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The wide-range communal air purifier

Viruses, odours, allergens, pollutants and contaminants: nothing resists Shield®, the wide-range professional air purifier.
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The wide-range communal air purifier

Viruses, odours, allergens, pollutants and contaminants: nothing resists Shield®, the wide-range professional air purifier.
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A Shield to protect your health

Shield®, the professional-grade air purifier, works like an invisible buffer, protecting you from airborne nuisances. Viruses, pollutants, odours and allergens that enter Shield’s action area are immediately neutralised and then eliminated, creating a real living bubble all around you.

With Shield®, you can breathe in perfectly pure, healthy air to protect your health and the health of those around you.

your high-performance protector

Reduce the impact of allergies by destroying allergenic proteins. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory according to the protocol of the NFB44-200 standard. Following the aerosolization (continuous projection) of allergenic proteins (Cat, Mite and Pollen), the results show the destruction of 79 to 96% of these proteins in 10 minutes.

Protect the immune system by fighting contaminants: viruses, bacteria and moulds. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory in accordance with the NFB44-200 standard procedure, examining the performance of the Shield® against the constant generation of contaminants. The results show destruction rates of micro-organisms (alone and in mixtures representative of the atmosphere) ranging from 94% to 97% in ONE PASS.

Reduce the risk of cancer and endocrine diseases by removing pollutants (PM2.5 and PM10). Tests carried out by an independent laboratory according to the EN1822 standard, determining the HEPA filtration performance. The results show an efficiency level of 99.96%. Following the generation in real conditions in a 40 m2 room simulating an extremely high pollution peak treated with the BOOST mode of the Shield.

Eliminate unpleasant odours by restoring the original atmosphere and pure air by eliminating odour molecules (aromatic, VOC, NOX, SOX and ozone). Tests carried out in real conditions in a 40 m2 room simulating an extremely high peak of odour and VOCs. Test results show 90% odour removal in BOOST and CONTINUOUS mode of the Shield® in less than 30 minutes.

Tested by an independent lab.

  • Allergens
  • Contaminants
  • Pollutants
  • Odors

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  • Performances

    Unparalleled results tested by independent labs

    • 94 TO 97% one-pass removal of mixed bacterias, molds and viruses.
    • 99.96% filtration relative to particles of size greater than or equal to 0.3 μm.
    • 90% odors treated between 20 to 30mn.
    • 79 à 96% suppression of allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet hair) in one-pass.

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  • Design - Janus de l'Industrie Award 2021

    Shield wins the Janus de l’Industrie 2021 award by putting French know-how at the service of health. The jury underlined the strong points of the air purifier :

    • its ease of use and its willingness to improve daily life by eliminating harmful particles in the air (pollution, viruses, bacteria, etc.),
    • absence of consumables, prolonging the life of the product
    • low maintenance cost,
    • Made in France which promotes and preserves the French know-how and supports the economy,
    • its wide range of colors, easily adaptable to your interiors.
  • Selected and supported by ADEME

    Organization for the preservation of the environment, the ADEME supports SMEs including JVD in the industrialization and development of new solutions preserving positive externalities for the environment. This support comes to reward the Shield range which takes care of your health and the planet.

  • Specifications

    • Purification area: 20-60 m²
    • Three areas: 20 m² / 40 m² / 60 m²
    • 2 operating modes: Continuous / Boost
    • Min/max noise level: 38/68 dB
    • Power supply: 200-240 V
    • Max power: 85 W
    • Cover material: epoxy steel
    • Max air flow: 400 m³/hr
    • Core replacement (ref. 8 77 2130) recommended every three years
    • Weight: 8.75 kg
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Smart Mineralisation®

The unique technology developed by JVD was built on several processes which, when combined,
offer outstanding results and guarantee the device is perfectly harmless.

Captures & destroys molecules to recover purified air

Smart Mineralisation®

Those technologies are combined to implement an ultra-filtration sequence and two advanced oxidation sequences. Particulate matter is captured through the ultra-filter, partially composed of a HEPA H13 filter, and then destroyed via advanced oxidation processes which modify the molecules’ carbon chain.
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End-to-end design
of Shield®

  • Eco-designed
    with love

    Our solution protects not only human health but also the environment, thanks to its design which prioritises easily recyclable materials like steel, a technology that uses no consumables and requires no filter replacements, the elimination of plastic from all its packaging and its guarantee to be serviceable for at least 10 years.

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  • Created by
    a master

    Ramy Fischler, founder of the RF Studio agency, was named Designer of the Year in 2018 and was awarded the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2016.

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  • An easy way to
    achieve better health

    The intuitive interface on Shield® features two modes (Continuous and Boost), making it easy for you to have complete control over your air quality. Its technology adapts to the pre-selected size of your room.

Janus de l’Industrie 2021
award for excellence
Rewards innovative solutions that
improve our daily lives on a lasting basis.

Technology that
meets the most
demanding standards

ensuring its harmlessness and
very high performance levels.

  • NF B44-200
  • EN 16846-1
  • ISO 16000-37
  • EN 1822
  • ISO 16897

NF B44-200

Purifiers on bacteria, mould, VOC and allergens :
NF B44-200 measures the effects of air purifiers on bacteria, mould, VOC and allergens. It is one of the most comprehensive standards, guaranteeing the quality of an air purifier.

EN 16846-1

Performance and safety :
EN 16846-1 is a standard that measures the effects of air purifiers on families of chemicals, as well as their harmlessness.

ISO 16000-37

Microorganism performance :
ISO 16000-37 is a standard that measures the effects of air purifiers on bacteria and mould.

EN 1822

Filtration performance :
EN 1822 is a standard that measures the effects of the filters used in air purifiers. It does not assess the quality of the purified air, which is dependent on many other factors including the product’s air flow.

ISO 16897

Microorganism performance :
ISO 16897 measures the effects of air purifiers on particulate matter (PM).

An air purifier that inspires confidence!

We spent eight months testing JVD’s technology in our animal houses in order to evaluate its use as part of our biosafety system. The goal was to assess its protective effects on the state of health of our environment and, by extension, of our animals. The results in relations to viruses, bacteria and parasites were promising enough to issue a joint communication at the AFSTAL 2021 conference on laboratory animal sciences and techniques, and we are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with JVD.

Kévin DHONDT Veterinarian, PhD in Virology, Director of Animal Health & Welfare , Charles River RMS France

For the past decade or so, I have been advising patients, doctors and managers of public-access buildings on the degradation of air quality. With the outbreak of COVID, indoor air quality has become a public health issue. I am thrilled to now have access to the Shield range by JVD, which has successfully blended elegance with air treatment results. Its pollution control and contamination management cycles are scaled to each indoor space and provide for continuous treatment or for booster treatment in the event of allergen alerts or pollution spikes. The devices guarantee complete protection of their health.

Bruno TUDAL Medical Indoor Environmental Consultant, Co-managing Partner at Biodiv’airsanté France

We have installed Shield air purifiers in our medical centre: in the consulting rooms, in the waiting room and in the reception area. The CONTINUOUS mode allows us to have permanent protection throughout the day. Sometimes at the beginning or end of the day we use the BOOST mode for a faster effect. We immediately feel a sensation of freshness. It is an extremely simple device, which is very useful when it has to be used by several members of the team. We put the stickers “Here the air is purified for your health” on the door of the surgery. The advantage for our use is that it reduces the circulation of viruses and thus the risk of contamination without any toxicity. Our patients are reassured that they will not contract an additional disease or virus. Its shape and size are intriguing and we are often asked where it can be obtained.

DR. HAMON General practitioner and honorary president of the Federation of French Doctors.

We have 3 Shields in the hotel: one in the breakfast room to deal mainly with odours, a second one at the reception to continuously protect the staff but above all to reassure the guests as soon as they arrive in the establishment that the air is clean. The last one is used in Boost mode for rooms with tobacco or mould odours. This allows us to effectively sanitise the room and make it available quickly. It is a very simple device to use for the room staff, there is no need for instructions.

Dorian Management assistant at the Maison Mulhouse Hotel

We are happy to be able to collaborate with JVD on using Shield as part of a strategy for purifying our working environment so as to improve the protection and safety of our teams and our clients.

Nicolas BORENSTEIN Scientific Director / Founding Partner / Board Member - IMMR

I installed the Shield in the open space of our offices. An extra barrier for a serene return to work. In addition to the reduction in odours, I am looking forward to seeing an improvement in my allergies which flare up in the spring. I was seduced by the fact that I don’t have to change my filter every 3 months, and I find the process of changing the core brilliant (recycling, eco-responsible and coherent in terms of investment).

Sébastien Director
We installed the Shield in the waiting room of our practice. The whole experience from the moment we received the product, the small amount of cardboard that is easy to recycle, the sticker and the Shield brochures, totally convinced us. A committed and meaningful approach. So much so that we advertise it to our patients. In the waiting room, the product attracts attention and allows us to start a discussion with our patients about air quality and the importance of breathing healthy air.
M. PUYSSEGUR Therapist & Acupuncturist

I use the Shield continuously all day in a 60 m2 room. I activate the BOOST mode in case of strong odours from perspiration or in the morning when the air is heavy. My members are all under the spell. If we had to imagine it, I would go from a thick fog to a totally clear view. I only have a skylight to ventilate my basement room, the air purifier allows me to bring in a breath of fresh air. We breathe better, we are less tired at the end of the day and therefore more energetic!

Christophe Manager of a sports centre

For several months now, our company has had the opportunity to use the Shield air purifier. It was after talking to a doctor about air quality and its impact on health that we decided to buy a purifier. After a lot of research, we decided on the JVD Shield as it is the only one that meets the highest standards and in these times of Covid, being able to remove as many airborne viruses as possible is essential. We are extremely pleased with the Shield. In addition to eliminating odours (with 2 dogs, this is a plus), it gives impressive results as regards pollens, so much so that I did not even notice that we are in a very high period for ragweed in the Drôme according to the RNSA information, although I am very sensitive to it. I highly recommend the Shield.

Nicolas President of APP SOCIETY

All the quality of French-made products

Made in France

  • JVD’s industrial expertise

    Our entire range was conceived of and designed at our plants in Rezé (near Nantes) by our teams of hygiene specialists.

  • A collective commitment

    Most of the components are manufactured in France, thanks to commitments made with our local suppliers.

purificateur d’air professionnel
purificateur d’air professionnel


Transport trolley

Discover the Shield Transport trolley for a mobile purification solution. Design by Ramy Fischler and Made in France.

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Shield Compact®

The convenient, lightweight Shield Compact® is here for you throughout your day, offering you pure, clean air, both at work and at home.

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Anti-theft device to secure your Shield air purifier. It discreetly locks your device by attaching it to any support (wall, desk, etc.)

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We’ve thought of everything
to help you talk about Shield®!

We have stickers, posters and more, all simple, convenient and ready-to-use tools to inform your employees, customers and patients that your premises are now fitted with a powerful air purifier!
  • Educational poster

    Hang this poster in your waiting room or a meeting room to inform your customers, patients or employees about indoor air quality and also to promote the inherent benefits of using the Shield® air purifier.

  • “Here, air is purified for your health” sticker

    Place this on a window or near where your Shield® is installed. It lets people know that you have a professional-grade air purifier on the premises, reassuring your customers, patients or other visitors.

  • “Purified air” logo

    Because your website is another window into your business, you can place the “purified air” logo directly on your visuals (of your premises, practice, hotel rooms, etc.) to let your existing and prospective customers know that your air is purified for their health.

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