Why opt for an air
purifier in your company?

Their use goes far beyond home installations designed to protect the whole family, and every CEO should seriously consider equipping their indoor premises with them. So why buy an air purifier as a professional?

Purifying the air for greater well-being and productivity

For business leaders, every expense counts and must be justified. As you probably already know, when your employees feel good, everything runs more smoothly! There is an ambiance of overall good spirits, less tension and of course increased productivity for the company. Particulate matter, odours, gases and volatile organic compounds penetrate the respiratory tract. They cause discomfort and irritation, and ultimately permeate the entire body.

What may seem imperceptible to a healthy person will cause multiple symptoms for those suffering from frailty, asthma or chronic illnesses. Breathing well in the workplace and having the satisfaction of working in a healthy environment can really make a difference. It is estimated that productivity will increase by 8 to 16% and that the cognitive activity simply doubles in the absence of any disruptive odours or VOCs, for example.

Healthy air = fewer health problems = less sick leave!

This is another argument in favour of cleaner air at work. In the long term, you should see a natural decline in sick leave, whether it is for minor seasonal illnesses or for more serious conditions. Absenteeism represents a significant cost for a company, so dealing with it is a priority!

Air purifiers are capable of removing almost 100% of allergens, viruses, bacteria, mould and dust. Keep in mind that it is by breathing them that we develop many illnesses. When a purifier functions optimally to treat the air in an office or open space, employees are protected while they are at work.

Dealing with health
crises such as covid 19

The current global health crisis has hit us all hard and is set to permanently change the way we function. Even if we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, we must be prepared for the emergence of other, more virulent viruses. Being able to anticipate and limit the spread of viruses within a company is becoming a key concern for everyone. In addition to sanitary measures and barrier gestures, adding professional air purifiers to your premises ensures your business activities continue in a purified indoor environment. They generate extra ventilation in the rooms, in addition to the much-needed natural air flow. This will give your employees peace of mind, and an effective air filtration system may even become mandatory in the long term, in addition to compliance with the applicable physical distancing rules.

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