Sorting solutions

Office basket, sanitary bin, kitchen bin or sorting collector, we have a wide range adapted to each of your spaces.

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Office bins

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Kitchen bins

solution de tri pour les espaces communs

Common areas

Each space has its own trash can

Whether it's the office, bathrooms, kitchens, or common areas of your establishment, each space needs an appropriate trash can.

Waste sorting

With the implementation of the 2020 AGEC law, source sorting of waste has become an unavoidable imperative. Failure to comply with sorting provisions risks severe financial penalties and criminal liability.

Sorting paper, metal, plastic, glass, and wood becomes mandatory.

For whom?

Businesses, shops, and administrations that entrust waste collection to a private company or generate more than 1100 liters/week of waste and use public collection services.

Sorting office paper
at the source is mandatory.

JULY 1, 2016
For organizations with at least 100 administrative jobs.

JULY 1, 2017
For organizations with at least 50 administrative jobs.

JANUARY 1, 2018
For organizations with at least 20 administrative jobs.

JVD is here to assist you!

If you wish to equip your establishment with trash bins or sorting stations, please do not hesitate to contact us. The JVD team will be delighted to provide you with their expertise to assist you in making a difference.

Make a gesture for the planet

Manufactured in Europe

Metal trash cans made in Italy.

Made from recycled materials

Several products are now composed of 50 to 70% recycled plastic.

Sorting organic waste

Solutions designed for the challenges of sorting organic waste at the source.