Paper dispensers

With their optimized design and ergonomics, our paper dispensers are conceived and developed to be easy to use and to maintain.

Our ranges

Cleanline range

Yaliss range

Metal range


Cleanline range

The Cleanline collection was designed to be both classic and timeless. Its rounded shapes and straight sides allow it to fit seamlessly and discreetly into any type of
washroom. Its bevelled edges endow it with modernity and character. Its charcoal
grey base seems to lighten up the volume. The collection’s success hinges on the
possibility of personalizing the appliances with our clients’ logos, as well as their simplicity and practicality.

Disposable paper rolls without

Disposable paper rolls without cores are compatible with centre pull devices.

Disposable paper rolls with cores

Disposable paper rolls with cores are compatible with auto cut devices. They come in the form of spools of different diameters and different lengths. Please note that some spools are only compatible with proprietary solutions.


Disposable folded paper is compatible with zig-zag devices. They are classified according the how the sheets are folded:
- Interleaved paper: W or Z
- Zig zag paper: V
- Folder paper: C


Two solutions coexist on the market today. For proprietary solutions, the equipment is usually free or sold at a reduced price. The equipment then only works with that brand's consumables which tend to be more expensive. Conversely, the open solutions from JVD's product range are invoiced in the beginning but allow you to use any brand of consumable (including brands which offer proprietary equipment).


Perfectly suited to JVD products and easy to
install, it allows users to place their mobile
phones on top without risk.

Compatible with Cleanline Jumbo
200-400 and Yaliss Jumbo 400.
Dim.: 99 (L) x 190 (D) x 144 (H) mm


JVD is here to assist you!

If you wish to equip your establishment with paper dispensers, please do not hesitate to contact us. The JVD team will be delighted to provide you with their expertise to help you make a difference.