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Hotel Minibars

Our minibars are equipped with the latest generation of intelligent technologies. Whether they are absorption or thermoelectric systems, our minibars are ecological, reliable and totally silent.


Our hotel minibars are equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent technologies. Whether it's thermo-absorption or thermo-electric systems, our hotel minibars are eco-friendly, reliable, and completely silent.


Hotel minibars using compression utilize a refrigerant fluid that causes cooling through compression. They are efficient and affordable but can be noisy and suffer from mechanical wear and tear.


Absorption minibars generate cold by heating a mixture containing Ammonia. Very affordable, reliable, and completely silent, they require perfect rear ventilation and can leave a strong smell of ammonia in case of leakage.

Thermo-electric / Peltier

Thermo-electric minibars use the Peltier effect to generate cold. They are very reliable but relatively noisy. Their temperature is not adjustable, and they are relatively energy-consuming.


Next-generation Thermo-absorption minibars combine the Peltier effect and absorption to generate cold. Eco-friendly, reliable, and completely silent, they consume 66% less energy, quickly offsetting (in less than a year) a slightly higher cost.

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