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The Appart Hôtel Villa Côté Plateau d'Angoulême is a digitalized and autonomous hotel equipped with hygiene and hotel solutions produced by JVD

👩‍💻 Digital for the customer experience

Mobile check-in, contactless payment, voice control, biometrics… digitalization continues to transform the hotel industry. Establishments can now offer their customers a new experience, including a more autonomous and secure access […]

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JVD hand dryers such as the Exp'air model allow for financial gain, action to reduce carbon emissions, simple maintenance and a solution that appeals to the public
Hand dryer

Advantages of hand dryers compared to paper dispensers

The price of the pulp has almost doubled in 2022. But good news, there is an alternative to paper towel dispensers: electric hand dryers. JVD’s team offers you in this […]

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The negative effects of air pollution on indoor basketball performance can be avoided by purifying the air in these spaces with JVD’s Shield and Shield Compact scrubbers
Air purifier

To what extent does air quality have an impact on athletic performance ?

There is a link between air quality and athletic performance. Polluted air can therefore affect the health and ability of athletes to train and perform optimally. Air pollution can cause […]

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Athletes in weight and bodybuilding rooms are protected by JVD’s Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers during their workout
Air purifier

Purifying the air in gyms

Air treatment in gyms improves the revenue of these establishments in several ways. Firstly, it reduces the cost associated with illnesses caused by poor air quality (450€/year/employee). Secondly, improving the […]

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The Hometel trend is developed in Marseille by Maison du Monde Suites and Hotels and Vicartem with JVD hotel equipment

As in the house but better!

The past three years and the development of remote work have significantly impacted our definition of well-being, with increased demand for privacy, comfort, and serenity no matter the location. This […]

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Purifying the air in open plan and private offices improves a company’s overall CSR (corporate social responsibility) results and protects their occupants against illnesses.
Air purifier

Purifying the air in open plan and private offices

Air purification in open plan and private offices has been shown to increase their occupants’ productivity by 8-16% thanks to breathing cleaner air that contains no chemicals. In fact, according […]

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Residents and employees at care homes enjoy a better quality of life and improved wellness on a daily basis when JVD’s Shield air purifiers are used to treat indoor areas
Air purifier

Purifying the air in care homes

Purifying the air in a care home reduces cross-contamination for the staff, resulting in a significant decrease in sick leave. The cost cutting that can be achieved by lowering absenteeism […]

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Air purifiers in the Shield range manufactured by JVD adhere to many performance standards, with their results reported in connection with different pollutants.
Air purifier

Do standards guarantee an air purifier’s effectiveness?

First of all, it is essential to identify devices on the air purification market which boast performance levels measured solely by tests carried out directly by the manufacturer. The fact […]

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JVD’s Shield range of air purifiers meet French and international air purification standards
Air purifier

Essential standards in air purification

In France and Europe, air treatment with air purifiers is a novelty on the market, which seeks to structure itself as best it can. Today, standards are gradually emerging and are complementing […]

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As the French leader in collective hygiene, we believe in the role we have to play in our shared future. This is why eco-responsibility is one of the key pillars of our strategy today. At JVD, every detail counts, from design to recycling, by way of production, transport, use and customer service. In other words, you will only find sustainable products at JVD, designed and manufactured for durability, in the name of your well-being and that of the planet.

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