We believe in ideas that make the difference. From public restrooms to five star hotels, JVD designs innovative professional Hygiene and Hotel products and solutions that bring well-being and comfort to users in all circumstances.

Jet air hand dryers

With JVD electric hand dryers, there’s zero waste.

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They’re objects you handle everyday, without realising. From now-iconic hand-dryers to soap dispensers, JVD Hygiene equipments can be seen everyday and everywhere: in every restaurant, café, airport or office. Our Hygiene products are sustainably produced on our French manufacturing site in Rezé (Nantes region), while preserving the planet and future generations

reveil chambre d'hôtel

Hotel accessories give to each room their unique personnality and transform the hotel stay into a one-of-a-kind experience. JVD provides hotelgoers with quality accessories which combine innovation, design, technology, safety and ease-of-use. JVD Hotel accessories are now a defining feature in hotels around the world.

Who we are ?

JVD designs and produces innovative professional hygiene equipment and hotel accessories that are designed for all and built to last. Drawing on 35 years of experience and know-how, JVD brings style and a very French flair to over 100 countries around the world.



JVD remporte le prix Expert du IoT Challenge organisé par Objenious

Grâce à sa solution d’hygiène connectée HygiaConnect, JVD reçoit le Prix Expert de l’IoT Challenge by Objenious. Convaincu que les objets connectés peuvent apporter des réponses aux nouvelles contraintes auxquelles […]

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Velyss, effective against Covid-19

[DID YOU KNOW?] – Our steamer Velyss is effective against Covid-19. Enveloped viruses like coronavirus can be neutralized by high temperatures. The Velyss meets the AFNOR NFT72-110 standard of March […]

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At last, an immediate digital solution for cleaning!

Smart cleaning: JVD and Rubix S&I join forces At last, an immediate digital solution for cleaning! Bad odours irritate us, and for good reason: they are often a sign of […]

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JVD equips Paris Airports

✈️ JVD is supporting the takeover by equipping the Paris airport (ADP Group) with connected sanitizing stations in collaboration with Hub One. Designed and manufactured in France, these hand sanitizing […]

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Thierry Launois dans le Grand Entretien de l’IJ

🔎 Retrouvez Thierry Launois dans le Grand Entretien de l’IJ – Informateur Judiciaire – “Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour fabriquer les produits et servir nos clients. On travaille de 5h […]

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Station de désinfection des mains

Préparer l’après Covid-19, oui mais comment ? Outre les aspects économiques, cette crise sanitaire bouleversera notre rapport quotidien à l’hygiène. Nous ne pouvons plus concevoir que le seuil minimal en […]

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What we want to tell you about the Coronavirus!

MARCH, 16th The health and safety of our customers, partners, and teams are our core priorities. To adapt to the exceptional health situation, and to comply with the recommendations of […]

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🎥 Discover the Velyss in video !

💨 THE FEELING OF FREEDOM – We let you discover Velyss, the essential accessory for efficient ironing! More information on our iron steamer ➡️

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JVD is the French leading designer and manufacturer of quality professional hygiene equipment. Built to last, hygiene products by JVD fit public washrooms in office spaces and buildings, restaurants, airports … We offer hundreds of thousands of references in our catalogue : hand-dryers, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, communal hair-dryers for swimming pools or gyms, dustbins, ashtrays, electronic insect killers, perfume burners, children hygiene products, coat pegs … Our dedicated customer service specialises in advising facility managers.

JVD offers a wide range of unique hotel accessories that customise hotel rooms of every style and standing. Available worldwide, JVD Hotel products combine design, technology, safety and ease of sue. JVD brings quality to a variety of hotel room essentials : mirrors, kettles, hairdryers, hotel safes, trays, alarmclocks, ironing amenities, minibars … Every product is designed to make sure that the hotel experience is comfortable and exclusive.

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