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Condensed in design, elegance and intelligent technology, our kettles entirely designed in France by our designer will accompany the awakening or moments of relaxation of your customers. Designed for the hotel industry, they are also easy for your teams. Our coffee machines have been designed to offer a simple solution with a delicious espresso to your customers. No longer need a dedicated space, thanks to their small size, they find their place everywhere. The possibilities offered by our espresso machines are adapted to each desire, every moment, to every customer.

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In a hotel, guests' well-being is key. Their safety comes first. JVD kettles are equipped with an automatic boiling and vacuum shut-off system. On the DIVA and DUCHESSE ranges, our exclusive SwitchSafe handle automatically switches off the kettle by simply gripping it. To avoid any risk of scalding, our DIVA kettles feature a double wall to keep the heat inside.


The maintenance of hotel kettles can be time-consuming when they are poorly designed. Even JVD's most compact kettles feature a wide opening for easy cleaning. The heating elements of our kettles are integrated into the base to prevent scale build-up. JVD also offers professional descaling solutions.


With ever-increasing equipment, space in a hotel room is a scarce resource. That's why our design department has focused on making all our kettles as compact as possible.

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It's often the little things that make a hotel experience. Hospitality trays have become a fixture in hotel rooms. Our trays and bag or capsule holders have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the hotel industry. They are very compact and can accommodate kettles or espresso machines. Our perforated trays have been designed to form an integrated unit with our kettles, facilitating cleaning and limiting the risk of theft.

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If you are looking to equip your hotel with Hotel Kettles or Coffee machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. The JVD team will be delighted to provide you with their expertise to help you stand out.