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The individual
air purifier

The convenient, lightweight Shield Compact® is here for you throughout your day, offering you pure, clean air, both at work and at home.
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The individual
air purifier

The convenient, lightweight Shield Compact® is here for you throughout your day, offering you pure, clean air, both at work and at home.
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Life in a bubble has never been so soothing!

Like a personal protective bubble, the Shield Compact® professional-grade air purifier protects everyone’s health and comfort whilst guaranteeing pure, healthy air.

An ideal companion and protector

With its conveniently compact size, it can travel anywhere to ensure optimal protection throughout the day.

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  • Performances

    Unparalleled results thanks to Smart Mineralisation®

    • 99 % of pollutants treated in ONE PASS*
    • 95.6% of allergens eliminated in ONE PASS*
    • 85.4% of contaminants removed in ONE PASS*
    • 98% of odours treated in Boost mode

    *ONE PASS : single pass

  • Specifications

    • Weight: 805 grams
    • Cover material: anodised aluminium
    • Purification area: up to 20 m²
    • 2 operating modes: Continuous / Boost
    • Supply voltage: 12V DC
    • Power: 22 W
    • Electrical insulation: Class III
    • Matte Black: REF 8 77 2134-BK
    • Sapphire Blue: REF 8 77 2134-BL
    • Malachite Green: REF 8 77 2134-GR
    • Cream White: REF 8 77 2134-WH
    • Filter replacement (REF. 5 90 2948) recommended every year
    • Optional wall mount (REF. 2 90 3068)
    • Universal anti-theft system (REF. 2 10 2097)
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Smart Mineralisation®

The unique technology developed by JVD was built on several processes which,
when combined, offer outstanding results and guarantee the device is perfectly harmless.

Captures & destroys molecules to recover purified air

Smart Mineralisation®

Those technologies are combined to implement an ultra-filtration sequence and two advanced oxidation sequences. Particulate matter is captured through the ultra-filter, partially composed of a HEPA H13 filter, and then destroyed via advanced oxidation processes which modify the molecules’ carbon chain.
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End-to-end design
of Shield Compact®

  • Eco-designed with love

    Our solution protects not only human health but also the environment, thanks to its design which prioritises easily recyclable materials (body made of real anodised aluminium), the elimination of plastic from all its packaging and its guarantee to be serviceable for at least 10 years.

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  • Created by a master

    Ramy Fischler, founder of the RF Studio agency, was named Designer of the Year in 2018 and was awarded the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2016.

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  • Convenient all the way
    down to its bag

    The Shield Compact® bag makes our solution lightweight and practical so you can carry it with you wherever you go for protection in any circumstances. Its discreetly small size (14 x 17 cm) means it can find a place anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces.

An air purifier that inspires confidence!

My work involves aerosolising saliva. Now, all the bacteria, parasites and viruses in that mist go through this air purifier, reducing the load in the air. My team of healthcare professionals launches boost mode before patients arrive in the morning, at lunchtime when no one is around and in the evening. The rest of the day, we run it in standard, continuous mode. You just plug it in, and there are two buttons: one for continuous and the other for boost. Piece of cake. A few short seconds after plugging it in, you can feel that the room is getting a breath of purer, healthier and fresher air.

Dr. Pierre-Jean SAVALLE Dental Surgeon

Shield Compact has become a part of my morning routine. The first thing I do when I step inside my treatment room is turn it on in continuous mode, and I leave it on for the rest of my work day. Between patients, especially when I’ve been in relatively close contact with a patient or after a chest physiotherapy session, I put it in boost mode to very efficiently purify the air. That way, I can safely move on to my next patient. I recommend Shield Compact to all of my co-workers, because it gives patients a comforting sensation of freshness, and it is also safer for us to work with that tool. The air in the room is very fresh, almost like being in the mountains. I really couldn’t do without it any more.

Morgane Retière Physiotherapist

You arrive, take it out of the box, plug it in and it starts working. It’s very easy to use, with just two buttons, and it acts fast. I really like it. It’s decorative, pleasant and understated. If you just walked into a room, you would probably take it for a Bluetooth speaker. If I could add something to the product, I’ve heard of it coming in different colours but haven’t seen them. It would be great though to have a range that could fit into any interior. If I had to sum up my experience with Shield Compact® in just one word, it would be “easy”. Because it’s very easy to use.

M. Jérôme MAHE Senior UX Designer

To improve indoor air quality, I try to aerate the shop every day, but that’s been my only option up until now. I am subjected to lots of odours, due to the presence of many products in the shop, products with plenty of different fragrances. But now, I can hardly smell those products, even right next to them. With this air purifier, I feel reassured, much more at ease and less stressed by the risks of COVID. Yes, I would definitely recommend Shield Compact® for its effectiveness and for the sense of well-being it provides.

Simon ABBA Shop Manager

A few years ago, I learned that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, and I have really paid attention to that ever since. I had some experience with an air purifier when I lived in Beijing, China, and had a large unit installed in my flat. From what I understand of how it works, it seems to be just as technologically advanced. And to be honest, throughout the test period, I took it back and forth between the office and home, so I was able to use it all the time. It’s easy to forget about, because it blends into the background. It’s very quiet, but you still know you’re protected.

M. Marc GESBERG Corporate Executive

We receive members of the general public, so we need a healthy environment. We also have a health protocol to follow: cleaning the frames after each use along with our sales tables. Having cleaner air is very important to us. I have noticed a big difference in the air that I breathe. Because I have allergies, I have found that I breathe better. The air smells pleasant now. I also saw a difference in my health, because I have also tried it out at home and can feel a real improvement. This product is definitely useful. Plus, the fact that it is compact and effective.

Mme MONA Séverine MG Vision Opticien Contres – Optician & Manager

I like the design of the Shield Compact®. It is discreet, small and rather attractive. I have found it to be quite intuitive and easy to use. And when you put it in boost mode, it makes more noise but that’s reassuring to me and to whoever is with me. The increased intensity of noise gives a sense of effectiveness. Since I began using the Shield Compact®, whether for vaccinations or antigen testing, I feel more reassured.

Dr M-C Anne-Sophie Pharmacy – Pharmacist & Manager

I am allergic to pollen, dust mites, animal hair and feathers. I am most bothered by the ambient air when I sleep. So, I placed it in my room as a priority. Now, I fall asleep much more easily. I normally use Ventolin but I haven’t had to since installing my Shield Compact. I saw a difference after five or six days. I would like to have one at home forever. And I’m afraid of things going back to how they were before, when I needed to take medicine to breathe. This has really changed a big part of my life. I would recommend to anyone, without hesitation. The word that comes to mind is “happy to breathe like everyone else”.

Mme LEGENDRE Martine Highly allergic user

I need to be able to offer and guarantee a healthy workspace, both for myself and for the coworkers who come here. I have a shopfront with windows that are hard to open, so it’s vital to be able to easily freshen the air. And you can really feel the freshness. It doesn’t cool the temperature, which is great. I won’t say there are no more odours, but maybe the smell is neutral or perhaps our sense of smell just isn’t used to that. I feel reassured that I am breathing much healthier air. There are just two buttons, one for normal mode and one for boost mode. Nothing could be simpler.

M. MEDYOUNI Noham WIP Rezé coworking space – Founder

Here, we work with children, so we need real hygiene at several times of day. We are always having to wash our hands and disinfect all the surfaces. We still need to reduce our use of a variety of different products that may pollute the air a little. But I don’t think that would be enough. So, we set up a Shield Compact® in the bathroom, where we change the children’s nappies. We have had some outbreaks of stomach flu and colds. But now, we’ve seen a change, although we can’t say for certain if that is a result of the effectiveness of our Shield Compact® or just a more minor version of the virus. Either way, fewer children are falling ill. This is something that I would like to have in order to try to purify the interior space as much as possible, in addition to airing out the rooms. I think it can be reassuring too that it is eliminating viruses.

Mme BREGEON Elise MAM Les P’tits Gazouilles – Child Minder & Manager

Our hotel is non-smoking, but we still have smokers who stay with us. While they follow the rules and don’t smoke in their rooms, they still come down to smoke outside, on the pavement in front of the hotel. If they smoke a cigarette or two and then go straight back to their rooms, they still exhale an odour of tobacco that spreads through their rooms. We noticed lingering traces of tobacco smells after these guests stayed with us for even a night or two, so we started looking for a solution. At first, we tried fragrances, but that wasn’t great, since it only added to the problem rather than eliminating it. Then, we found this product and are very happy with its effectiveness. It quickly eliminates any residual odours caused by smokers’ exhalations, allowing us to quickly turn over our rooms for the next guests.

M. JOULAIN Patrick Voltaire Opera Hotel - Owner & Manager

All the quality of French-made products

Made in France

  • JVD’s industrial expertise

    Our entire range was conceived of and designed at our plants in Rezé (near Nantes) by our teams of hygiene specialists.

  • A collective commitment

    Most of the components are manufactured in France, thanks to commitments made with our local suppliers.

purificateur d’air professionnel
purificateur d’air professionnel
Local partners


Wall mountable

Designed by Ramy Fischler, the wall mount protects your Shield Compact against theft. It is made of stainless steel, eco-designed and made in France.

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Anti-theft device to secure your Shield Compact air purifier. It discreetly locks your device by attaching it to any support (wall, desk, etc.)

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Your communal protector

Discover Shield®

We’ve thought of
everything to help
you talk about
Shield Compact®!

We have stickers, posters and more, all simple, convenient and ready-to-use tools to inform your employees, customers and patients that your premises are now fitted with a powerful air purifier!
  • Tent card

    Place this tent card near your Shield Compact® (placed next to the bedside table or desk). It explains why there is a Shield Compact® in the room and provides tips on how to use it correctly.

  • “Here, air is purified for your health” sticker

    Place this on a window or near where your Shield Compact® is installed. It lets people know that you have a professional-grade air purifier on the premises, reassuring your customers, patients or other visitors.

  • “Purified air” logo

    Because your website is another window into your business, you can place the “purified air” logo directly on your visuals (of your premises, practice, hotel rooms, etc.). This lets your customers, patients and employees know that the air in that space has been purified.

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