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Shield press review

The Shield in the Wallpaper* selection!

Our Shield air purifier in the selection of Wallpaper*, international design magazine!

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The Shield in the French Marie Claire Maison Christmas list!

"Present in mind - Delicate temptations, personal attentions, crazy desires, small pleasures: to please your loved ones, take inspiration from our delightful anthology of gifts! "

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The "SME of the month" section highlights the success of a French company.

Today, we are heading for the Loire-Atlantique region with JVD, the hygiene products manufacturer, which produces air purifiers in Rezé using regional subcontractors. Local production meets a challenge of industrial sovereignty.

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Designers dream of a desirable future

The Covid crisis has also highlighted a trend that is particularly relevant to the health situation: 'care' design, i.e. design that takes care of the world and those who live in it. Ramy Fischler, for example, has just developed a filterless (...) high-performance air purifier in collaboration with the manufacturer JVD.

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An air purifier effective against covid?

After four years of work, a Nantes-based company specialising in hygiene has developed an air purifier to combat all sources of indoor pollution... It would be effective against covid.

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JVD purifies the air with its "smart mineralization" technology

Under study long before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Shield purifier from the Nantes-based company JVD promises to neutralise particles, allergens, chemical pollution, viruses and other bacteria via three combined technologies.

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Hygiene specialist JVD diversifies and launches a range of air purifiers

The SME JVD has invested more than one million euros to design a range of air purifiers on its site in Rezé (44). The hygiene specialist is marketing its first products on 2 April and is opening its offer to the general public for the first time.

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JVD launches an air purifier entirely made in Rezé

The manufacturer of hygiene products, boosted by the anti-Covid, is diversifying into air purification. It emphasises total control of the process, from design to manufacture.

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Air purifiers? More and more efficient! Live installation on France 2 of Shields in the town of La Baule-Escoublac!

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Professional air purifiers made in France were featured last night on the TF1 TV news!

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JVD - Purificateur air BFM TV Business


"A solution that could be our future
8 days before the launch of our Shield solution, Thierry Launois was on BFM Business.


"Designed before the Covid-19 epidemic, it tackles everything that can harm our health when we breathe, including viruses"


"A new study shows that the virus clings to particles in the air and is a major source of infection. There are ways to filter the air, not just by opening windows. "