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Eco-responsibility has been one of JVD’s pillars from the very beginning. The company’s commitment on this subject only grows stronger every day and now concerns each of its different levels. JVD is dedicated to the idea of transmission and makes it a point of honour to play an active role in an ecological transition which looks out for everyone’s well-being.



    We have always believed that today's strategy is to improve tomorrow's future. The entire JVD team is committed to thinking of everything and making a difference. Design, manufacturing, transportation, use, after-sales service, and recycling: every detail matters.

    Whether it's our latest generation air blade hand dryers that reduce energy consumption and eliminate the use of consumables, soap dispensers limiting flow, or foam soap reducing consumption by up to 4 times, our R&D department strives to design products in an environmentally responsible manner.
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    Eco-responsibility also involves the choice of our raw materials and partners. Whenever possible, we prefer partners close to our manufacturing unit to reduce the ecological impact of transportation. We maintain expertise and encourage innovation capabilities of our suppliers for years. Concerned about our social impact, we rely on associations in the social and solidarity economy.

    All our waste is sorted and collected to be sent to treatment and recycling centers. Thus, our suppliers' cardboard boxes are reused for our shipments, paper is shredded and used for packaging the products shipped. What about the rest? It is revalued by local companies!

    Our packaging has been designed with a dual objective: to respect the integrity of the transported goods and also to serve as an installation template. Our carbon footprint is therefore reduced through these simple yet meaningful optimizations.

    JVD has some of its kits assembled by Facon Ouest, an institute that provides work in prison environments. The kits consist of screws, dowels, and other small materials used to assemble our products. The packaging of insecticide tube bulbs is carried out by ESAT, an organization for people with disabilities aimed at their social and professional integration or reintegration.

    At JVD, our products are designed and tested to be repairable and thus repaired. Spare parts for our devices are available for 10 years. Quality products intended to be used and operate sustainably.

We are certified Ecovadis GOLD!

Every day, we work to reduce our environmental impact, continue manufacturing in France, imagine new sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, and continue our commitment to charitable associations as much as possible. This certification is ultimately just the recognition of our daily efforts in terms of CSR!

More than 11,000 hygiene kits distributed!

For over 35 years, JVD has been developing and manufacturing products that take care of you. It is therefore only natural that we are joining the Eau & Vie association in its fight for access to hygiene and running water in slums. Together, we are launching the campaign: 1 HAND DRYER PURCHASED = 1 HYGIENE KIT DONATION.

And what about 2023?

Purchasing an Electric Bicycle

enabling employees to restrict the use of their vehicle during lunch break.

Installation of a cardboard shredder machine

in order to reduce our cardboard waste by 25% and utilize the shavings for product cushioning in our packaging.

Transition to 100% LED lighting

across all offices, manufacturing, and storage spaces of the JVD company.


More than just an accelerator for JVD's business development and a space designed for the well-being of its employees, Imagin'Air is also a third place with multiple missions.

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Let's stand together in solidarity

Restos du Coeur

In a France affected by increased poverty post-Covid, food distribution should not be disrupted by health risks. In this regard, JVD teams have provided 500 disinfection stations to equip the Les Restos du Coeur reception centers throughout France, and an additional 200 disinfection stations have been donated to the EMMAÜS Solidarité association to equip their premises, sales areas, and emergency reception and accommodation spaces.


The CSR commitment of JVD is a collective commitment. That is why, with the participation of each employee, we have created the Act for our Planet project. The objective is to generate ideas for actions to be implemented by the company to reduce its carbon footprint. This internal initiative has sparked numerous positive changes in our daily lives (such as the use of reusable cups and bottles as alternatives to disposable products, the purchase of electric bicycles, the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, etc.).

48,000 trees planted

JVD has planted over 48,000 trees, both in Indonesia and Cameroon. The principle behind it? For every hand dryer from the Air range (Exp'air, Stell'Air, Copt'air, and Sup'air) purchased, a tree is planted! Hand dryers are not only the best alternative to paper towels, but also an ideal solution for reducing ecological footprint. While producing and transporting a ton of paper requires 17 trees, it is also a significant source of CO2 emissions.


We have also provided support for women in isolation. The first Providenti'ELLES house is equipped with hygiene equipment (hand sanitizer dispensers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, coffee makers, kettles, towel racks, etc.).