Air quality in medical practices

Treating indoor air pollution is now a health concern both at home and in public places. And if there is one place where hygiene must be impeccable, it is the medical practice.

Air quality in medical practices: challenges and solutions

Treating indoor air pollution is now a health concern both at home and in public places. Moreover, the National Environmental Health Action Plan works to reduce pollutants to mitigate impacts on human health, as well as the environment and its biodiversity. Air purifiers are burgeoning and will play a major role in cleaning the air you breathe in the future.

Particulate matter, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), dust, allergens, moulds, viruses and many other pollutants are retained in the filter layers and/or destroyed through various complex scientific processes. For you, the result is immediate comfort and reduced symptoms in people suffering from allergies or frailty. According to the WHO, on a long-term basis, it is actually your life that is preserved as air quality continues to have a greater impact on our health. Pollution is responsible for many serious diseases and deaths worldwide. The recent Covid-19 health crisis has shown how important indoor air purification is for everyone.

A professional air purifier to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort

With this constant influx of harmful substances, it makes sense to install an air purifier in a medical practice. It helps protect the health of both care providers and patients.
Have you ever been in a waiting room watching the person across from you cough every 5 minutes?

If you have, the first thing you think of is contagion! Medical environments are indeed fertile grounds for cross-contaminations. When a professional air purifier is installed in a room, it immediately absorbs the air to purify it. Unwanted particles are trapped in the filtration system and a subtle, totally clean flow of air is produced. Through physical distancing and good hand hygiene, we can drastically reduce the risk of contamination.

Medical practices: the inevitable
cohabitation of all pollutants

If there is one place where hygiene must be impeccable, it is the medical practice. And yet the constant comings and goings in this environment are conducive to the circulation of various pathogens, such as: - Outdoor pollutants which make their way indoors, source of particulate matter from industries and exhaust gases, - Allergens such as springtime pollen, but also animal hair on clothes, - Spores and moulds which can grow anywhere with moisture, - Polluting VOCs from building materials, products or furniture (formaldehyde, benzene, etc.), - All that is introduced by the traffic of sick people, including bacteria, germs and viruses that can spread in the air, and settle and persist on surfaces.

On top of these protective measures, an air purifier offers ultimate well-being for all medical and administrative staff working in the facility. They too will breathe cleaner air and be less subject to germs brought in by patients and the inconvenience of pollutants. This increases productivity and naturally reduces absenteeism.

Hygiene is more than a necessity; it is vital in the course of administering care. We have to use chemicals to continually sanitise everything. Even though these products are becoming increasingly natural and eco-friendly, the road to transition is still long. Unlike housekeeping, this specific industry requires products to be ultra effective and fast-acting, which often excludes less-polluting solutions.

Environments with a high-performance professional air purifier will require the bare minimum of these cleaning products. Moreover, the unit will immediately capture any irritants that may remain in the air after floors and surfaces have been sanitised.

JVD: discreet professional expertise for cleaning up your medical practice

There are many consumer air purifiers available, but their performance does not meet medical environment standards. A professional air purifier cannot be bought at the corner shop. It must be designed to meet the specific requirements of your facilities.

JVD draws on your specificities to offer you a premium air purifier that will provide lasting performance in an eco-friendly package. The design and colour are adapted to discreetly fit into your environment. Maintenance is always extremely simple and safe.

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