Hotel equipment

Hotel accessories give to each room their unique personnality and transform the hotel stay into a one-of-a-kind experience. JVD provides hotelgoers with quality accessories which combine innovation, design, technology, safety and ease-of-use. JVD Hotel accessories are now a defining feature in hotels around the world.


The clean lines and smooth, simple materials used in our Monaco collection can fit into any ambiance and any style. Like veritable chameleons, its products blend equally perfectly into chic, geometric décors as they do in natural, bucolic settings.


Our fascinating, futuristic New York collection adds the perfect finishing touch to your industrial chic ambiances. Metallic reflections glinting off stainless steel provide a lovely contrast with the elegant simplicity of black.


White and wood: a match made in heaven! To offset what can sometimes look dull and cold in white, pair it with soft, warm woody tones. And to add a touch of light and modernity to your rustic ambiances, opt for the purity of white. For a contemporary, Scandinavian or industrial atmosphere, our Oslo range is all about balance.


The timeless colour par excellence, black remains a bold hue, capable of adding depth and character to any room. Whatever your chosen atmosphere – minimalist, industrial, bohemian, Scandinavian or other – our Paris collection will necessarily have just the thing for you.

Starbucks Coffee

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JVD offers a wide range of unique hotel accessories that customise hotel rooms of every style and standing. Available worldwide, JVD Hotel products combine design, technology, safety and ease of use. JVD brings quality to a variety of hotel room essentials : mirrors, kettles, hairdryers, hotel safes, trays, alarmclocks, ironing amenities, minibars … Every product is designed to make sure that the hotel experience is comfortable and exclusive.

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