Swimming pool hair dryers

Whether installed at a swimming pool, a gym or a spa, our hair dryers will adapt to any environment.


At just 70 dB, the Neptune hair dryer is fitted with an extremely efficient, smart motor. It is so quiet that its presence may even be forgotten, wherever you install it.


When they are optimized to adapt to all ages thanks to their adjustable height and 180° rotation, hair dryers become much easier to use.


Corrosion resistant in chlorinated atmospheres, fitted with an IK10 ABS cover and an induction motor to handle intensive use: choosing Neptune also means opting for performance.


The choice of name for our new hair dryer was no matter of chance. Favet Neptunus Eunti is the motto of the city of Nantes. The Latin phrase means "Neptune favours those who dare" or "May Neptune favour the traveller". Created by our own Engineering Department, our hair dryers are made in France, in Nantes!


Rethink your users' comfort by offering them the only communal hair dryer that moves for you! The Neptune guarantees the "wow" factor amongst our users! The adjustable height and above all the 180° rotation make for a highly innovative concept. Aesthetically pleasing and much quieter than the competitors, it is also very convenient for cleaning. With nearly 300,000 visitors annually, we needed equipment which would be fast and easy to install and maintain. The on/off switch is a real plus, because it allows us to isolate the hair dryers, one by one. Pleasant to use and easy to maintain: we've received nothing but positive feedback.

Serge Lucas
Water Complex Director
Town of Cesson-Sévigné

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