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Good hand hygiene practices

As a professional, it is important to understand good hand hygiene practices in order to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. On the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, […]

hand hygiene is largely based on hand washing possible with JVD soap dispensers
Hand dryer

Advantages of hand dryers compared to paper dispensers

The price of the pulp has almost doubled in 2022. But good news, there is an alternative to paper towel dispensers: electric hand dryers. JVD’s team offers you in this […]

JVD hand dryers such as the Exp'air model allow for financial gain, action to reduce carbon emissions, simple maintenance and a solution that appeals to the public
Hand dryer


JVD democratizes access to electric hand dryers by launching an innovative rental offer! Our objective? To democratize the preferred drying method of the French by making it accessible to a […]

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