Ashtrays ref 899616

Ashtray TOTEM tubular 3L on stand


Tubular ashtray 3L on foot. Galvanized steel exterior and zinc interior tray. This ashtray is equipped with a locking system. A floor mounting kit is included. The capacity of this ashtray is about 900 butts.

Product's +

  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Fully galvanized, resistant to bad weather and UV rays
  • Fast and easy to empty (container accessible from above)


  • Material : Galvanised Steel
  • Colour : Black
  • Volume (L) : 3.0000
  • UV resistant : Yes
  • Weighted base (kg) : 6.5000
  • Key locked : Yes
  • Capacity (number of butts) : 900
  • Height (mm) : 1080Diameter (mm) : 300


Other references

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