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Extraordinary products with an extraordinary design

With its completely novel technology, the Shield range needed an equally radical design that would represent a break from the rest of the market. Ramy Fischler believes each creation has its own story and its own narrative. Those of Shield boil down to a desire to raise the world’s awareness

of the importance of indoor air quality and the associated health issues. The result is a cleverly constructed object with an innovative design, whose difference from other products is intriguing, while fitting discreetly into our daily lives.

So, it was only natural for JVD to choose him to create our range of air purifiers.

new uses

Created to inspire curiosity, the shape of the Shield range is evocative of a new era, new uses and a healthier, sustainable future for all.

Ramy Fischler,
renowned designer

The Shield range of purifiers developed by JVD was crafted by designer Ramy Fischler. Awarded the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2016 and named Designer of the Year in 2018, he runs RF Studio, a multi-faceted Parisian agency that operates in the spheres of culture, fine dining, hotels and services, and that is deeply focused on the future challenges facing our planet.

Ramy Fischler - Air Origins JVD
Purificateur air professionnel JVD