Soap dispensers

On the market of the soap dispensers, the competition is hard, facing a profusion of items. Nonetheless, JVD has managed to be reckoned as a valuable professional.


In 1988, the launching of the soap dispenser Crystal was the first step toward the success in that field. As a reliable and functional product, it answers the increasing requirements of the Hygiene industry. The designing of the pump is the secret of that success.

Equally included in more recent soap dispensers such as the Diamant or the Rubis, it maintains the high quality of the product. The different designs and capacities meet the various requirements of our customers. The increase in these sales has been strengthened by the new CLEANLINE range. This was a step forward for JVD. Indeed those products enable our customers to have a complete family line with the CLEANLINE tissue dispensers.

As an eco-friendly manufacturer, JVD offers a lather soap dispenser. Even though the trend has not been yet confirmed, the use of lather would decrease the soap consumption by 4 up to 8 times compared with the standard soap.