1 Hand dryer = 1 Tree

1 hand dryer purchased = 1 tree planted


Hand dryers are the best alternative to paper dispensers but also an ideal solution to reduce the ecological footprint. While a ton of paper requires 17 trees, its manufacture and transport are also very important CO2 generators.

Our Made in France hand dryers with Jet Air consume very little energy. CO2 emissions are therefore reduced and consumables use is zero.

In the continuity of its willingness to protect our environment, JVD is partnering with Planète Urgence in a reforestation project in Indonesia.

For what purposes ?

  • An ecological action

A planted tree produces oxygen, stores carbon, contributes to the maintenance of species, regulates the water cycle, protects soils and promotes climate equilibrium.

  • A tool for economic development 

The forest is a way to participate in the food and economic security of the most vulnerable populations.
It is also a renewable source of energy for millions of people and a building material and a sustainable source of income for many artisans and their families.

Why lndonesia ?

The issue of adapting to climate disruption is one of the most critical and urgent problems to solve for Indonesia. In all parts of the country, especially in coastal areas, the impacts of climate change are already visible. Rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding increase the vulnerability of local communities, seriously threatening the environment and livelihoods.