Wall-mounted ashtray

Rectangular ashtray

  • Designed for exterior use
  • Protected against rain
  • Quick and easy to empty
  • Smooth surfaces for easier cleaning
  • Interior container in zinc facilitates cigarette butt extraction
  • Stainless steel stubbing surface
  • Exterior in galvanized steel and epoxy for better corrosion resistance
  • UV-treated coating
  • Key locking system
  • Fixing key included
  • Capacity:
    – 1.5 L (± 150 cigarette butts 0.5L bin)
    – 3 L (± 450 cigarette butts 0.5L bin)
  • Grained surface to make the unit more rigid and make scratches and bangs less visible
  • The design avoids rainwater penetration, with drainage in the event of accidental water penetration