Cosmos – Bathroom Accessories

Magnifying illuminated mirror Cosmos

  • Designed &
    Manufactured in France

Mirrors invite us to enter a new dimension. The magnifying function of a mirror creates a new universe where everything is bigger. I wanted this trip to take us even further and so I designed this mirror in the image of a flying saucer. It was to be powered by a revolutionary “engine”; batteryoperated and unique on the market. I structured the whole unit around a chromed base to which I added a crown of light imitating Saturn’s rings. Finally, I added an almost magical capacitive switch.

Product 's +

  • LED lighting all around the mirror
  • Magnifying reflection x5
  • No electrical connection required
  • Total electrical safety (Can be installed in any volume in the bathroom)
  • Operates with a standard lithium battery (3.6 V) included in the packaging
  • Touch-activated
  • Time delay: 3 minutes
  • Battery life: ± 3 years depending on use
  • Magnifying reflection x 5
  • 2 arm versions available :
    – tubular chrome-plated brass : 4 hinges
    – flat chrome-plated brass : 3 hinges
  • Guarantee 2 years